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Fons Cargo Services (FCS) Organized and Incorporated in the Philippines

The Policy of the Fons Cargo Services (FCS) provides quality and professional brokerage services to shippers and consignees to gain the confidence of its clients, customers, employees, and the industry in general and to be recognized as a trustworthy and dependable customs brokerage company. We have also partnered with licensed customs brokers in the Philippines for total logistics services. By developing a complete understanding of your business, FCS will help you strengthen your competitive edge and profitability by responding to your needs beyond expectations. We have set ourselves apart from the competition by offering the best services at the most competitive rates, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. FCS is effective, efficient, reliable, and trust-worthy.
We are committed to help as service provider of our customers, achieve the good QUALITY of SERVICE, providing TRANSFARENCY, with cost effective forwarding and transporting cargo services, RELIABLE, FAST, with DEDICATION, ORIENTED INNOVATED, EFFICIENCY, AND QUALITY Brokerage Services to clients.
Fons Cargo Services (FCS) envisions itself as a leader in the industry regarding customer satisfaction, client retention, value-added service, company growth, and reputation in the transport and logistics industry. We shall achieve by our prominence on heightening innovation.

Freight Forwarding

We take care of your goods most affordably and efficiently possible. Whether you’re moving them via land, ship, or air, we got you covered. Here at Fons Cargo, we specialize in freight forwarding management domestically and internationally. Our comprehensive and trusted network of agents and partners can guarantee that your cargo will be delivered as smoothly and on-time as possible.


International Sea Freight Forwarding

We have a variety of seaport options depending on your requirements. With strong and tested partnerships with different sea movers worldwide, we can safely and smoothly carry out your export and import transactions to the best of our abilities. We are trusted already by many companies who need a reliable freight forwarders.


Air Freight Forwarding

We provide an efficient air freight service according to your needs. Whether it’s import or export, we can secure the best cargo shipments that can bring your goods and packages to their destinations on time. We have very knowledgeable and hardworking staffs that could answer your questions and see to it that your cargo is safe from origin to destination.


Domestic Forwarding

We are your partner in a domestic freight forwarder services. Transporting your cargo that moves to the different areas within the country. We must be able to reach as many locations Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao as possible. You can trust our agents honestly and serving with our customers nationwide accurately and efficiently with solid delivery system impede as your service provider. We can assure your cargo will arrive safely intact and on time as scheduled.



Equipped with different types of trucking services, we can safely deliver your goods or cargo to their designated locations. With this option of land transport, you can be assured of a faster and quality delivery. We always think about safety because we value life and your goods so we make sure that zero accidents happen everyday. We have a system to make sure of that.



With Fons Cargo, you can store your cargo with ease. Our warehouse services are designed to offer you the best facilities to ensure that your goods and packages are handled with the utmost care. With our warehousing you can save your time and money since we protect your cargo to the best of our ability to make sure that there will be no cause of problem while your cargo is in our warehouse premises.


Customs Brokerage

Our team at Fons Cargo can help you when it comes to customs brokerage or releasing. Our licensed personnel can assist you effectively in your clearance requirements. This includes the following services: customs tariff classification and documentation, export cargo clearing, secure and process government permit, and a certificate on behalf of the consignee, door-to-door arrangements, trucking services, tariff consultation, and formal and informal entry.


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Together, we have your logistical challenges covered.

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